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Mouille Point Apartment - Andrea Graff

Mouille Point - Apartment

The design brief by the clients, both highly regarded public figures, was to create a peaceful cocoon that would allow them to escape their busy daily schedule.

Andrea cleverly executed the brief and created a serene space with splashes of colour and quirky objects.

‘’Somehow, Andy is capable of creating a home that feels lived in before it’s even been inhabited. Very few designers have the ability to do this.’’ - Client


Interior architecture, decoration, furnishing, object and art


Lana Kenney

The marble-clad fireplace anchors and divides two living rooms which are filled with eminently comfortable furnishings. The dark-stained oak floors, silk rugs, traditional wall panelling and lacquered door screates a sense of understated luxury and a beautiful base on which to build. In contrast to this subdued palette, Andrea chose art and sculptures that adds jolts of colour to the mix.

A Bridget Baker art work hangs above a contemporary Chesterfield sofa. A Shirley Fintz sculpture brings a tongue-in-cheek element to this sophisticated space.

The blue main bedroom has a dream-like quality and when one steps onto the airy, shaggy rug it feels as though you might float away on a cloud. The hand painted chinoiserie-style walls in the bedroom and en suite enhances this tranquil, dream world.