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Constantia House - Andrea Graff

Constantia House

Deep in the heart of the Constantia greenbelt lies a family home which can be described as part pastoral homestead, part designer den. A serene balance has been achieved between Andrea Graff’s lively and eccentric style and the proportions of architect Wynand Wilsenach’s clean and contemporary barn-like design.

‘’My approach is completely layered – the house is like a treasure trove of finds. I was fortunate in that these clients know what they like and what they don’t like and we had fun in choosing one-off pieces and designing custom furniture and handmade local items.’’ - Andrea Graff.

Adami, Kelly. ‘’Natural Habitat’’. Condé Nast House & Garden,
March 2015, pp. 81-84


Interior design, furnishing, object and art


Wynand Wilsenach Architects


Franchesca Watson


Bureaux Editorial Agency- Warren Heath. Styling- Sven Alberding


Home & Gardens UK, March 2021, pp. 26-35& Condé Nast House & Garden, March 2015, pp. 81-84

Andrea Graff masterfully added layers of texture and furniture that all come together to create a sense of rootedness. She sprinkled a few playful elements through the house, from a bespoke hand-painted chinoiserie-style pattern and lighting that dazzle with striking shapes and surprising scales.

(Leevers, Jo. ‘’A force of nature’’. Home & Gardens UK,
March 2021, pp. 26-35)

‘’We are reminded to take small pauses in our day, to look at an eagle in the sky or a heron flying past or to notice the changing foliage through the seasons. In a subtle but significant way, we are constantly interacting with nature’’, - Caroline Topat, home owner.

(Leevers, Jo. ‘’A force of nature’’. Home & Gardens UK,
March 2021, pp. 26-35)

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